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Responsive and mobile website development

website design agency based in ManchesterWhether you want a personal or a business site, a few pages to share information and promote an idea or a more complex site to sell products and services, we can create a unique website design for you.

Your know that the first impression is important, the first time we see someone is often the moment when we form an impression about that person. This also applies to a website which can be the very first point of contact and an opportunity to convey a positive idea about the quality of your services or products. For this reason, your site must be professional and engaging enough to invite potential customers to browse its pages and enquire further.

The web is a medium where both content and presentation are important and the most succesful sites are those that have a good design as well as enough valuable information to keep people interested.

We will work with you to create a website design that is professional, attractive and relevant for your business. This can be based upon your existing logo and/or stationary if you already have a 'corporate image' or we can design something from scratch.

Responsive designs

Your site will automatically adapt itself to be seen correctly on mobile phones, tablets and larger monitors.

This places some limitations on the design, but the result is worthwhile since more people are now accessing the web using smaller devices.

Fixed size designs

The layout of your site will remain static, no matter what device is used to view it.

This may be the only way to build a site based on a complex design. If you wish your site to be compatible with smaller devices, a separate and simplified design version for tablets and phones may also be required.

Before designing your web site we will take time to understand what your business is about and the messages that you want to communicate to your clients. We will also talk with you about your target markets so that we can identify the best format for your audience.

We will then design a bespoke website specifically for you. Every website we design is unique and tailored to our clients individual requirements.

Site management tools:

Content Management System | CMS

An easy-to-use application that allows you to fully manage your website's content.

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Site Auditor Studio | SEO

A set of powerful search engine optimization tools that will help you get a better ranking for your website.

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