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Net is 'less free and more unequal', says web founder

Published on 11th December 2014

Source: The BBC

The web is becoming less free and more unequal, according to a report from the World Wide Web Foundation.

Secure your site and nudge your search engine ranking

Published on 19th September 2014

Google has confirmed that sites using SSL certificates will gain a slight edge when it comes to ranking.

The Business Management Studio has been upgraded with social media integration tools

Published on 21st January 2014

Now you can announce your new articles and blog entries as well as promote new products and services to your Facebook and Twitter followers directly from the BMS / CMS.

Site Auditor Studio

Published on 15th October 2013
Site Auditor Studio

We are now offering a new SEO system, the Site Auditor Studio. It provides you with a set of powerful search engine optimization tools that will help you get a better ranking for your website.

European Cookie Law

Published on 13th May 2012

UK websites are required by law to comply with the EU "Cookie Law" which means that companies must gain the consent of web users before serving them web cookies.




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